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When you have questions about our handmade items, our policies, and technical issues on our site, please review our list of FAQs (frequently asked questions). If you don’t find your answer here, use our CONTACT FORM for more help.

Q: Do you purchase your prints and posters from overseas for resale in your shop?

A: NO! We create all of the prints in our home studio in Texas. We make everything and nothing that we sell is mass produced by any other company.

Q: Do you accept custom and personalized orders?

A: YES, we love to create custom and personalized designs but there is a special process that we follow. If you are interested in a customized or personalized item, please contact us to discuss the details.

Q: If I am not happy with my customized or personalized order, can I request a free make-over?

A: We work with our customers to make sure every detail is accurate and that you are happy with your order BEFORE we ship, therefore we do not offer a free make-over once you receive your order. We send our buyers a proof-print for their approval and if any changes are necessary, these are done BEFORE we print and ship.

Q: If I am not happy with my customized or personalized order, can I return it for a refund or exchange it for another item?

A: We do not accept returns or issue refunds for custom or personalized orders. Because we want all of our customers to be happy with their purchases from The Jewels of Kingwood, please contact us if there is a problem before leaving a review so we can do our best to resolve any issues.

Please Note: Due to the customized nature of our products or when placing custom or multiple orders, please note that those sales are FINAL. All of our design work is custom made and some pieces are personalized- these sales are all FINAL and cannot be returned and once purchased, are non-refundable.

Q: What is your processing time- how long does it take to create a print before it is shipped?

A: Processing time is between 1-3 business days (excludes weekends and holidays).

Q: What is your shipping time- how many days will it take for me to receive my package once it is shipped?

A: Shipping times vary depending on shipping options chosen and destination. We ship all packages via USPS first class mail from Texas, USA, which can take 3-7 business days in the lower 48 states. This can be different if there is bad weather, or weekends and holidays in between when package leaves our shipping agent and when it arrives at its final destination. If you need quicker options, please consider choosing priority or express mail. International first class shipping can take 10-30 business days, excluding weekends and holidays, for international orders.

Q: Do you provide a tracking number for all shipments?

A: Tracking numbers are available for first class, priority and express shipping.

Q: If my package is lost or stolen, or does not arrive when expected, who is responsible for filing a claim with USPS?

A: It is the customer’s responsibility to notify us if a package does not arrive when expected. If the buyer believes the package has been stolen, they must file a police report and also contact their local post office to verify with a delivery scan. We will advise you what to do next and we can file a claim for missing mail after a 14 day waiting period.

Q: If my package is lost or stolen, or does not arrive when expected, will you send my order again?

A: Unless the customer purchases insurance, orders will not be resent in the case of lost or stolen packages.

Q: What taxes and other fees does the buyer have to pay?


TAXES: Sales Taxes are added to all orders shipped to TEXAS and some other states where it is mandatory.

VAT FEES: VAT Fees are assessed on all International Orders and are paid by the buyer.

CUSTOMS FEES: Customs Fees are the responsibility of the buyer so please do not ask the seller to state false sales value or mark the purchase as a gift on customs forms. Doing so is illegal!

Q: Can I return or cancel a digital download?

A: Unfortunately, digital downloaded files cannot be canceled or returned once purchase has been made and payment has been accepted or approved. These sales are considered non-refundable, and are final. If you have problems accessing your files or downloading a file, please contact us for assistance.

Q: Are there any special care instructions I should be aware of when I receive my art print?

A: As with any piece of artwork, care should be taken when handling the print. We use a high quality 10 mil thick, fine art photographic luster paper that works well with our professional quality pigment inks. Because we use a printing process that coats the luster surface layer of the paper without bleeding or soaking into the lower layers of the paper’s fibers, it is important to take extra care of your print prior to framing. Even though the pigment ink is permanent and provides archival quality images, the ink applied to the paper surface can be affected by the oils on your skin and leave fingerprints. Leave print in bag until ready to frame; do not allow sticky strip, on bag, to touch print when removing from bag. Likewise, handle the print carefully when framing; excess oils from your skin can leave oil spots and smudges on the printed surface. Generally, the luster photographic papers provide a more resilient printed surface but it is still advisable to leave the print protected in the cellophane wrapper prior to framing.

Q: My print arrived damaged, what do I do?

A: We do our best to provide sturdy packaging to ensure safe arrival of orders but we do not provide insurance that covers damaged items. We use sturdy fiberboard mailers and extra cardboard as well as cellophane bags that provide great protection against weather and rough handling. Occasionally USPS is super rough with packages and the print may arrive damaged. If this happens take a picture of the packaging and the print, and send it to us; we will start a claim immediately. Keep the print and all the packaging. Once USPS accepts the claim you may be asked to take the print and packaging to your local post office to show them the damage. We will send another print if damage occurs from USPS delivery.

Q: Do you provide insurance or does the customer have to purchase their own insurance?

A: We do NOT provide insurance for first class shipments. If you are concerned, we recommend choosing either priority mail through USPS that includes insurance or purchasing separate insurance. 

Q: Do you accept returns or exchanges?

A: Our goal is to have happy customers and will consider returns and exchanges on a case-by-case basis.

EXCEPTIONS – We will NOT consider Returns/Exchanges for the following reasons:

  • Customer does not like the product or did not read listing.
  • Customer did not handle merchandise carefully. Our prints are protected & packed carefully so as to survive shipping, & should survive your handling as well if you follow our care instructions.
  • Post Office unable to deliver, non-delivery or late delivery; Customs held up package.
  • Customer provided incorrect shipping address at time of orderingl & package cannot be forwarded.
  • Customer requested order ship to business address, it was received and/or signed for, & Customer cannot locate package.
  • After delivery, the order got lost or stolen.
  • Event is canceled, for any reason.
  • Customer changed their mind.
  • Poor planning on Customer’s behalf, miscalculating transit time.

Q: Are your designs protected by copyright?

A: YES! © 2010-2019 – Many of our computer illustrated prints are inspired by a variety of images and characters  inspired by images/photos of actual persons, fairy & folk tales, and children’s cartoon character stories available in the Public Domain. Many of our prints have been artistically interpreted by The Jewels of Kingwood & are protected under domestic/international copyright laws (aside from licensed character images or trademarks) according to 17 U.S.C. Section 501. 17 U.S.C. 106(3), 17 U.S.C. §109(c) Any licensed images of characters used in the designs are public domain, free, & not being sold. Character copyright is held by original owner. Your purchase is for labor/time in creating customized designs. Sharing, distributing, or selling the designs, or ANY elements within them, in any other format is prohibited.

Q: Why do the colors look different on my print compared to what is shown in the shop listing?

A: The colors may appear slightly different, from the original print, on some computer monitors because of the color settings on different computers or the monitor calibration is different. These are very slight differences which we, The Jewels of Kingwood, have no control over and are not liable for.

Q: Will my print include the watermark, “2010-2019 The Jewels of Kingwood” across the print?

A: NO- the watermark will not appear on your purchased print. We use the watermark on shop listings only to protect against copyright infringement.