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ANGEL POLICY – TERMS OF USE (TOU) for digital download files from The Jewels of Kingwood

The terms and conditions in the Angel Policy apply and place limitations upon your ability to create and sell craftwork items using the Content you purchase in any digital download from The Jewels of Kingwood. You should read the entire Angel Policy carefully from time to time to see how it applies to You and Your proposed sale of any craftwork items. This Angel Policy replaces the Extended or Commercial Use License, which is no longer in force.

  1. PLEASE DO NOT SELL any of our images or files as is and/or claim them as your own.
  2. You may not share or distribute the purchased file in any form.
  3. Mass production of craft items incorporating any Jewels of Kingwood copyright material is strictly prohibited. (See definitions below to review meaning of mass production.)
  4. We maintain all copyrights and we use MyCopyright.com to monitor all images listed in our shop.
  5. Digital download kits, paper packs, clipart, and printable items from The Jewels of Kingwood can be used to create crafts for sale as long as you credit The Jewels of Kingwood as the creators of the original images.
    • This credit can be in the form of a stamp, a tag, or signage on a table at an event or in a marketplace where you are selling your handmade crafts.
    • Credit can also be a link to our website from your website and/or blog if you are selling online, blogging about the use of the images, or in the copy of an article if you are featured in any type of physical or online magazine.
  6. Our designs may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, and recording or otherwise without written permission in accordance with the Copyright Act.
    • What does this mean? Here’s an example: Its fine to make a color copy of an album page to send to a magazine for contest submission; it’s not okay to print our papers/kits or to scan a sheet of 12”x12” paper and make copies to distribute to your friends or to sell in kit form at any location even from your home.
    • So, why can’t you just make a copy of or print extra sheets of that paper design, you purchased, to give your friend? Well, it’s against the law, for one thing. But more important, it takes away from the talented Jewels of Kingwood designers who created it. Thank you for being considerate of their time and talents!
  7. You may use our papers, embellishments, clipart, and word art to create cards, scrapbook pages and other craft projects of your own design to sell, as long as you have purchased each supply used.
  8. Please feel free to use The Jewels of Kingwood digital products to create original projects for submission to magazines. We ask that you include written credit to The Jewels of Kingwood for supplies used.
  9. The Jewels of Kingwood Logos and all branding images have been designed by us and belong to The Jewels of Kingwood as the brand owners along with any and all copyright or trademark images belonging to The Jewels of Kingwood, and may not be used or applied to any item.
    • If you need an image to use for giving credit for design work by The Jewels of Kingwood or see an image you would like us to develop for your logo or business branding, please contact us for details.

Click HERE to download a hard copy of the Angel Policy. (This will open the Angel Policy in a new tab for downloading and/or printing.)

If you have any questions about intended usage or need clarification about what these TOU mean, contact us.


1.     Angel Policy: means this permission document, which may be revised as necessary.

2.     Mass production: means large quantities (i.e.: 10,000) of finished items produced in an assembly line fashion, production of items in a factory or by a production partner, or any overseas or foreign production or sales company.

3.     Finished products: means completed projects such as cards, scrapbook pages, and multiple packaged items such as tags, gift cards, bookmarks, etc.

4.     Copyright materials: means products, designs and images that are subject to protection as original designs created by The Jewels of Kingwood or any third party who has granted The Jewels of Kingwood the right to use said images.

Updated Revision 5/23/2017

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